[Samba] Called name not present error, but only once!

pisymbol . pisymbol at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 13:23:13 MDT 2014


I am trying to use the net time command to sync a server:

$ net ads time -S ale.hunt.com

(hunt.com is just for internal use only)

I see an immediate response like so:

>>> NBT Session Packet
NBT SessionReject
Length=1 (0x1)
Called name not present

"Called name not present" - alright but....

# nmblookup -A
Looking up status of
    ALE             <00> -         M <ACTIVE>
    HUNT            <00> - <GROUP> M <ACTIVE>
    HUNT            <1c> - <GROUP> M <ACTIVE>
    ALE             <20> -         M <ACTIVE>
    HUNT            <1b> -         M <ACTIVE>

    MAC Address = 00-01-6C-2F-1A-A8

If I do the same command a second time, it just works and continues to work
from then on. Nice. But why? The net command debug output seemed to
indicate it choose ALE#20 the first time it failed but that seems OK to me.

Why does the first call to 'net ads time' fail with 0x82 but from then
after, it just succeeds?

This only happens on the first call after the CentOS 6.5 x86-64 VM has been

# rpm -qa| grep samba

Very weird. I noticed source (3.6-stable) has a few interesting comments in
this area:


2948 /* This is the wrong place to put the error... JRA. */

Should I just try more than once all the time?


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