[Samba] Samba4 binding LDAP Server

Harry Jede walk2sun at arcor.de
Mon Jun 2 10:44:16 MDT 2014

On 18:28:35 wrote steve:
> On Mon, 2014-06-02 at 18:11 +0200, Harry Jede wrote:
> > Hi Danilo,
> > 
> > > Not supported ?  Really ?
> > 
> > Like you, i am a samba user not a samba developer. And yes, you
> > will not find a description in the current samba wiki nor in the
> > quite old "Samba 3 Howtos" how to setup a standalone samba server
> > with ldap as passwd backend.
> Not in samba no, but openSUSE have been doing it for years:
> http://digiplan.eu.org/ldap-samba-howto-v4.html
Yes, and his smba3 is compiled by redhat? (Samba Version 3.6.9-151.el6)

Currently we know that he is using openldap at debian. So if he sets 
loglevel to 256 we may see which filters are used by samba and what the 
ldap server finds.

One will see that samba stops the evaluation if username is equal 
groupname. A nice exercise. Sure, I have only verified this with 
packages from sernet and debian/ubuntu. Maybe different behavior on 
suse, redhat, aix and others.


	Harry Jede

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