[Samba] Folders becoming locked on OS X client

Robin info at rbn.se
Thu Jul 31 16:39:08 MDT 2014

You have a folder with the name 1 on a smb server, in that folder you have the folders 11 and 12 and some files.
In folder 11 there is a file. If a user is logged in to the server and changes the name of a file in folder 11, then he tries to move folder 11 into folder 12 … mac os x (reproduced in both 10.8 and 10.9) will tell him he has not permission and will ask for admin rights (which do not work, even if you would put it in)

I have had this confirmed from several different users and different file servers. Now we just need to find out if this is a OS X bug och a Samba bug. 

What can I do to go forward with this?


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