[Samba] Samba on Chrome OS

Eli Grey me at eligrey.com
Thu Jul 31 12:03:45 MDT 2014

Oh, sorry. I didn't realize the old Samba bug (crbug.com/248427) on
Chromium is open again (last I checked it was WontFix). That sounds
like good news! When I searched recently I only noticed
crbug.com/244050, which made me think that there were no current
efforts for DLNA or similar things like SMB, but I guess I was

> I work for Google and am paid to do SMB support :-).

Well I guess I don't need to try and start this project anymore. Sorry
for wasting your time :P. I would be interested in following the
development of SMB support though. Will crbug.com/248427 be the
primary resource to follow?

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