[Samba] Samba4 creating share and setting permissions without windows tools

Diego Llovet dllovet at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 07:48:45 MDT 2014


I need a way to set permissions to share folder without to use RSAT, I've
not found anything about that.

The samba wiki said that

Change permissions on folders of a share

Changes of permissions are done using the classic *nix tools 'chmod',
'chown' and 'chgrp'.



# mkdir /srv/samba/Demo/Example/
# chown foobar:DemoGroup /srv/samba/Demo/Example/
# chmod 2770 /srv/samba/Demo/Example/


I created a group DemoGroup with "samba-tool group add DemoGroup"
Then, when I did

chown foobar:DemoGroup /srv/samba/Demo/Example/

I got this error

chown: invalid group: "DemoGroup"

What must I do to allow groups created by samba-tool works with chown??

How can I do to assign permissions to a shared folder from command line
using the power of samba4?

Thank you in advance

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