[Samba] Random Windows machines can't be added to AD at samba4 4.1.6

Michał Półrolniczak michal.polrolniczak at warp.org.pl
Thu Jul 24 10:00:44 MDT 2014


Im using Ubuntu 14.04.01 with samba4 4.1.6 version.
There was a ADDC Samba4 break, and I put up new one.
I readded by hand all those machines with migrating old account on those
machines to same name account on new DC.

Alot of win7 pro machines readded and migrate without problems, but few
of them when trying to add to domain said that Administrator account is
bad (password?), but when adding win7 and asked for account name that is
used to add computer to domain and typing administrator at domain.local and
password from domain adding successed.

After that strange adding none of domain account works.

I did try to change SID of adding computer but didnt help, is it a 4.1.6
bug which was fixed? There is no way to add that machine to AD Domain.

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