[Samba] problems after lowering tombstone...

mourik jan heupink - merit heupink at merit.unu.edu
Wed Jul 23 13:00:41 MDT 2014

Yep, /var/lib/samba should not be on btrfs. Disk space became less and 
less, until the disk was full. Adding up various directory sizes came 
nowhere close to the total diskspace. We added an extra btrfs partition 
to increase available space, and it was also all used.

We could temporarily decrease disk usage by
'btrfs filesystem defragment ./DC=DC=DOMAINDNSZONES,DC=SAMBA,DC=...ldb'
but after a few minutes, it grew again.

The sernet people have now located /var/lib/samba on an ext4 partition. 
We even encountered kernel errors and a server freeze when trying to 
read/defragment the btrfs partition on another machine.

So... no more btrfs in my shop.


On 7/23/2014 20:47, Achim Gottinger wrote:
> Am 23.07.2014 19:16, schrieb mourik jan heupink - merit:
>> Hi all,
>> Just a heads up for all of you: I spend half a day on the phone with
>> sernet, and the problem was most likely the fact that we were running
>> our dc's on btrfs.
>> So, a word of advise: don't use btrfs on your dc's. I was advised to
>> use ext4, but I guess xfs should also do fine.
>> Regards,
>> Mourik Jan
>>> How many "Deleted Objects" do you count at the two dc's maybe it's still
>>> in the process of purging old ones.
> So was the database corrupted on your dc's 1 and 2 due to btrfs errors?
> Odd that you get NT_STATUS_RPC_PROTOCOL_ERROR because of fs issues.
> Thanks for the report.
> achim~

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