[Samba] Doing ADUC-like operations with the command line

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Mon Jul 21 11:51:46 MDT 2014


Am 21.07.2014 16:43, schrieb samba.20.andwin at spamgourmet.com:
> is there a simple way to do certain ADUC-operations using the command
> line in Samba 4.1.9? samba-tool doesn't seem to cover all operations.
> The operations I'd require are: Assigning a user to an OU and
> modifying some of the users attributes, like the home directory, UNIX
> attributes, etc.

samba-tool is missing many features compared with ADUC. You can use
ldbedit to edit user records directly. But it's not that comfortable.

Even if I'm a Linux admin and love to use the cli, I do meanwhile all
user/group administration via ADUC. It's worth installing a Windows
VM/PC. :-)

It's much easier and ADUC can be used by users without admin
permissions, too. E. g. you can delegate permissions to human resources,
to modify attributes like address, phone, etc. Also you can allow
technicals to create/modify users, without telling them the domain admin
password, etc.


Sorry for advertising ADUC. ;-)


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