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Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 21 02:53:32 MDT 2014

On 21/07/14 09:43, marcos wrote:
> Hi
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> Thanks, I explain better the environment
>>> -I have a Samba 3 domain mounted with file server included. For a
>>> technical reason I need to config a new machine with the DC upgrading to
>>> samba 4. I'm using LDAP separated and the idea is to maintain. Now I ask
>>> for some guide to migrate samba 3 to samba 4 and separate file server
>>> from DC.
>>> -In my case I can't stop the old domain and I will need to have a time
>>> with two domains.
>>> Im looking that really all the guides are to configure a samba but not
>>> how to upgrade samba +ldap.
>>> Thanks :-)
>> So:
>> You want to setup a new samba4 AD DC with a separate fileserver.
> Yes, I have a SAmba 3 with fileserver and I would like to separate and
> upgrade.
>> You want to keep your old setup going until your new setup is up and
>> running correctly.
> yes
>> I think that you also want to use a samba4 AD DC with a separate LDAP
>> server.
> This goes now with Samba 3, but I don't know if sambaSID can be
> introduced 2 times. I don't know If ldap supports 2 domains.

And that is where you are going to have to stop and think again, you 
cannot use samba4 in AD DC mode with a separate LDAP server, you must 
use the builtin LDAP server.

You could setup samba4 as an NT4-style BDC and run this at the same time 
as your other older samba3 machine, provided that is running as an 
NT4-style PDC. Once you are sure that everything is working correctly, 
you could then stop your old PDC and promote your new BDC to be the PDC.

> And finally, exist any platform inside samba to receive the problems
> about windows 7 clients and future windows ?

I do not understand the above.


>> Is the above correct ??
>> Rowland

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