[Samba] Problem with Windows server 2008 and 2012 membership in samba nt4 style domain

Petr Hrbek hrbek at elektrokov.cz
Mon Jul 21 00:18:09 MDT 2014

I can not solve the problem of membership of Windows Server 2008 and 
2012 in the samba nt4 style domain. Connecting to a domain works, but 
can not be set right to the domain users or can not add domain users in 
managing user accounts. It used to work on one server, but in the case 
of rights to previously set user rights for the domain shows the user 
just as SID. I applied registry fix  for Windows 7. All otherclient 
computers to function normally - Win 7, Win 8 + 8.1 Samba version is 
4.1.3, the domain is the type of NT4.

Thank you for your suggestions


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