[Samba] Samba4 additional DC - few questions

Tonči Stipičević tonci at suma-informatika.hr
Sun Jul 20 15:36:48 MDT 2014

Hello to all

I've been testing Samba4 for a while and noticed non critical issues so far.
My plan would be to use one samba4 DC as additional DC in win2008 network

So I do have 4 win DCs in 4 separated sites (one domain and 4 sites)
and I want to use this Samba4 as DC in 5th separate site .
It will be acting  only as AD DC , Fileserver and print server.

Since I noticed (from the forum) that Filesharing is kind a more stable 
in Samba3 than 4 ,   I decided to use Freenas as Fileserver (joined to 
the domain, and using samba4 as domain dns )
and I must say the cooperation between S4 and FreeNas  (in my test-lab) 
(just joined to domain without using freenas-samba4) is pretty stable (I 
virtualized Samba4-Centos and Freenas9 on the same "metal")

There is only one issue I noticed regarding replication (in my lab 
also): If I turn off replication beetween DC in AD sites-and-services 
console , the Samba4DC and WINDC are still replicating . How come ?

The main question would be :
If I join Samba4 DC in this productional Win2008 Domain (4 sites) , is 
there any chance that this Samba4 DC endangers the WIN domain ?
If Samba4 site,for some reason,  does not work , it is acceptable 
because this is not critical site and I always have time to fix it somehow.
But if potential problem in Samba4DC causes problem in WIN-part of the 
domain (fsmo goes down because of some false replication or something 
like that)
than it would mean high risk for me

So does joining Samba4DC in windomain represents any kind of danger or not ?

I really appreciate, and congratulate on,  Samba4 work and hopefully 
replace very big part of windows portion of customers intranet

Thank you very much in advance


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On 20.07.2014. 22:32, Achim Gottinger wrote:
> Am 20.07.2014 18:59, schrieb cyril at toile-libre.org:
>> Hi,
>> A traffic analysis show that the windows client driver try to send 
>> snmp request to the samba server ip address but these snmp packets 
>> are not routed to the printers.
>> A windows print server use a standard tcp ip port with an otpion to 
>> use snmp.
>> Is there a way to enable snmp on the samba printer port and make the 
>> windows printer driver can communicate with the printers ?
>> Thanks
>> Cyril
> Hi Cyril,
> I'd like to add a few notes. Kyocera Universal Drivers behave similar 
> to the way you describe it, if i use them on an windows pc, the driver 
> is able to read the required settings from the printer. If i use em on 
> samba i have to enter the printers ip address manuall once.
> HP universal drivers also seem to require snmp and newer drivers need 
> to be modified with hp's admin toolkit to get them working on samba.
> To me it seems more like the drivers try to identify the printer 
> address/name to make snmp queries and this does not work with samba atm.
> achim~

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