[Samba] Domain Functional Level & Schema Replication

Stuart Naylor stuartiannaylor at thursbygarden.org
Fri Jul 18 19:29:24 MDT 2014

Apols guys about the Thread question. I saw a discussion between Roland and Steve and was just trying to get more info.

So apols about hijacking an old thread as it was a bad attempt to nudge a conversion.

Firstly could anybody explain why the last line out of samba-tool domain level show.

Is this just a bad message or what is triggering "Lowest function level of a DC: (Windows) 2008 R2"

One of the most important things for me about Samba4 is extensibility and rfc2307 with AD and this crazy miss mash of M$ & Unix is a very rare route that allows all clients.

So I would really appreciate it if somebody could spell out any gotcha's with domain functionality & schema replication.

This is where I start to get confused as its with subsequent ADC's and also just the terminology that is used sometimes.

So some scenario's...

1...   PDC Windows 2003 with Samba4 ADC with a functional domain level of 2003.

The Samba4 ADC runs Unix services which require LDAP access with rfc2307 attributes.

2003 didn't get rfc2307 until 2003r2 so this is a bit of a no go as the samba4 box will of replicated the schema from the Windows 2003 box.

So I guess you could add  Windows Services for UNIX Version 3.5 (http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=274) to the 2003 box.
This will replicate a limited subset of rfc2307 to my samba4 box (anyone know the gotcha's between this and the 2008r2 rfc2307 schema) ?
Then my next question is can we not add the schema requirements for 2008r2 rfc2307 to my samba4 box and just let this replicate to the 2003 box?

Probably a stupid question but anyone providing solutions with Samba4 that might use linux services requiring rfc2307 has a nightmare is joining existing domains.
2003, 2008 could be really problematic and this makes the extensibility of Samba4 much less.

Also I have to ask when it comes to domain provisions but what happened to 2003r2?

I presume a lot of this is due to Redmond Herrings but can anyone see why I am slightly confused?

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> Subject: Re: [Samba] Must Samba4 AD be provisionned with rfc2307 to use winbind ?
> On Fri, 2014-07-18 at 01:38 +0100, Stuart Naylor wrote:
> > Oh I think I must of misread what you and steve where discussing.
> > 
> > What is confusing me is the output of samba-tool domain level show
> > 
> > Forest function level: (Windows) 2003
> > Domain function level: (Windows) 2003
> > Lowest function level of a DC: (Windows) 2008 R2
> > 
> > I thought it might of been because rfc2307 schema included was of 2008r2 ilk.
> > 
> > Why does it always say the lowest function level is (Windows) 2008 R2
> > 
> > I just tried samba-tool domain provision --domain=SAMBA4  --adminpass=Mysamba4 --dns-backend=SAMBA_INTERNAL --server-role=dc --function-level=2003 --use-xattr=yes --realm=SAMBA4.LAN
> > 
> > The output is the same as above.
> > 
> > Always Lowest function level of a DC: (Windows) 2008 R2
> > 
> > Stuart
> Hi Stuart
> The answer to your thread question is, 'no'.
> This is because the schema which is supplied for use with samba4 is the
> same schema that the smaba team battled with microsoft to release back a
> few years back. It was the 2008R2 schema which has full support for
> rfc2307. The domain level have always puzzled me too, but we've alsways
> been satisfied with. The rfc2307 provision simply adds the schema
> extension for sfu which was mysteriously missing. All this does is to
> activate the unix tab on ADUC. On Linux with samba-tool and ldbmodify,
> you don't need it. But as it seems to do no harm, you may as well have
> it anyway. I don't know how it slipped through in the first place
> although I guess that m$ may have had something to do with it. 
> Cheers,
> Steve

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