[Samba] Win7 pro trust relationship failed

Dave Beach drbeach at rogers.com
Wed Jul 16 19:13:35 MDT 2014

So I felt lucky tonight and simply dropped and rejoined the domain from the
workstation, having made sure to back up the local user profile beforehand.
Worked like a charm; crisis averted. Now to devote some time to wondering if
I should upgrade Samba.

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So, what changed: I was uninstalling a local USB printer and related
software on the workstation in question, which required a reboot - after
which the problem manifested itself. I can obviously still log on using the
local admin account. Running nltest appears to indicate that the workstation
still trusts the domain, but I get an "access denied" message trying to use
nltest to re-establish the secure channel with the DC.

I'd drop and rejoin the domain in a heartbeat were it not for worries that
somehow this might result in rights and permissions issues; I use local
profiles, and I'm concerned I'll lose settings, configurations, and other
related items. SIDS will change, no?

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Out of the blue, after working flawlessly for years, I suddenly cannot log
on to my samba 3.5.6 domain with one particular Win7 Pro workstation.
Nothing has apparently changed - Win7 updates applied recently, but I was
able to successfully log on after that. Nothing has changed on the DC.

Error message is that the trust relationship between the workstation and the
primary domain failed.

I'm reluctant to drop the workstation from the domain and re-add it for fear
that this may somehow compromise user access to files on the workstation; is
there any chance there's a forehead-smacking simple thing to check and fix?

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