[Samba] how to reset home directory ACLs?

Lorenzo Faleschini lorenzo.faleschini at nordestsystems.com
Wed Jul 16 09:19:40 MDT 2014

Hi guys,

I'm migrating an old samba3 domain to a new domain with samba4 (1 DC  + 
1 Fileserver + other members)

I've imported all users trough a script with samba-tool, sucessfully 
mapped UID and GID on all machines using winbind, then I started 
rsyncing the old server shares to the new fileserver.

rsync -rltmvh --delete-after --exclude=.recycle /OLDSERVERSHARE 

now, maybe in the old fileserver there where some screwed permissions 
(as I inherited it from previous IT who left).
so I
chmod -R -c 770 /NEWSERVERSHARE
chown -R -c administrator:"domain users" /NEWSERVERSHARE

and with this I'm able to manage it trough RSAT and set correct 
permissions to the majority of shares.

I have still an issue with home folders.
many files are readonly for the users but if they copy and paste they 
can RW access the copy.
If I check ACL permissions of those RO files I see they don't have the 
permission for the user that is supposed to be the owner.

is there a way I can recursively and easily fix ACLs on the homes 
folders and subfolders?
maybe a new rsync run with some other parameter to fix acls as theyre 
supposed to be in destination?
any clue?

thanks in advance for your suggestions


Lorenzo Faleschini
IT Manager @ Nord Est Systems srl
m: +39 335 6055225 | skype: falegalizeit

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