[Samba] Samba4 and Linux Client

Mike Hamam mike.hamam at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 00:04:26 MDT 2014

*I have the floowing scanario;*

*Server side:*

 I have installed samba4 (4.1.9) on a centos server 6.5.  Samba’s
installation went smoothly.

*Clients: Windows: *I have installed Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 64 bit
with SP1, it joined the domain successfully and AD users can sign on fine
with roaming profiles.

I have installed Centos 6.5 with the latest update,  Also I Installed
samba-common samba-client samba-winbind krb5-workstation and krb5-pam and
configured winbind and pam for authentication

The Linux client joined the domain with the net ads command successfully.

AD users’ authentication process works fine, but I am having problems with
the roaming profiles.

Could you please advise what steps are required on the Linux client and
what services should be up and running  to resolve the user’s home

Best REgards


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