[Samba] samba4 replication issue : outbound neighbour

zhia chandra bentunx at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 00:12:47 MDT 2014

hi all

i have some issues with my samba4 installation
here is the case
1. i have about 1 dc in my head office  as a PDC and 9 dcs in 9 
different site office
2. each site office connected to head office by VPN, but each site 
office cant connect each other
3. each site and head  office have a different network
4. i user samba 4.1.3
5. i put all dc in same site , because i think samba 4.1.* has problem 
manage site via windows active directory site and service

the problem cames when i try to join the 8th dan 9th DC after 
successfully join first to 7th dc without any problem .
in my 8th and 9th dc to join when i check on DRS, there is no outbound 
neighbor, i cause
the main issue user int 8th and 9th site cant replicate their account 
data such as password change end the other user data

have anybody experience the same thing? or anybody find the workaround / 
solution for this case ?

*sorry for my poor english

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