[Samba] samba4 replication issues | sam.ldb inconsistency

mourik jan heupink - merit heupink at merit.unu.edu
Fri Jul 11 04:34:05 MDT 2014

Hi Andrew, list,

> This is a difficult situation.  Ideally you would get the 'good' DC to
> replicate to a new installation, and work from there.
> Andrew Bartlett
Ok, this is what I thought, yes. Thank you, Andrew. Just some final 

All fsmo roles are currently on my DC1 (with the corrupt DomainDnsZones 
database). I'm a bit hesitant to start moving around roles, as long as 
everything still seems to work. But, as far as I see, there are three 
options to proceed from here:

option 1 - move only the DomainNamingMasterRole from (corrupt) DC1 to 
(probably healthy) DC2. Then install/add a new DC3, and then it will 
replicate everything from DC1, except it will take the DomainDnsZones 
from DC2, is that right?)

(but I don't know if DC=DomainDnsZones and the role 
DomainNamingMasterRole are connected with each other like this)

option 2 - take a deep breath, move all roles to DC2, hope & check 
everything still works afterwards, and then install/add DC3, so it will 
replicate everything from DC2.

And I guess this is NOT possible:
option 3 - Install a new third DC3, and replicate that new DC3 with my 
(probably healthy) DC2, WITHOUT doing scary things like transferring 
fsmo roles first?

I hope option 1 could work..? Can anyone confirm/advise?


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