[Samba] questions and avice for samba 3.6.6. PDC or samba 4.x PDC with folder redirection for win7 clients.

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Jul 10 06:02:50 MDT 2014

Hai Jelle, 

Wel itunes should not be in your network thats first.. itunes is not a busines compatible application imo. 
but with samba 4 AD setup you can redirect the AppData folder to a network share. 
( not all programs work, so this needs testing ) 

To use policies with samba 3.6 
look here. 
You can do folder directs the old way. ( if you want i can send some adm templates. ) 

1) what you can do if you keep the PDC and no moving to active directory. 
   Install a new server, and replicate you ldap to the new server.
   ( in very short ) 
   Join the domain with the new server.
   make the new server the ldap master
   remove the old servers. 

   This is how i moved a PDC and BDC to 1 new PDC. 

2) yes, rsync is good to do this replication for the data.

3) No, if you move the ldap to a new server and you replicated the ldap data,
   the you dont need to reauth your pc's

4  my advice, setup a new samba 4 AD server, read the wiki.
   and you use debian.. so use or the debian backports samba or use sernet samba.
   it is not adviced to use the samba4 packages, keep away from them. 

5) enyo my scripts.. .. 
   setup your KVM vm, i use xen vms but that does not mater. 
   make sure before you start a script that.
   1) setup hostname and domainname at install. ( dont use .local or .lan ) 
   2) setup a static ip at install. 

   now chose, or setup a new domain or migrate the old domain to samba4. 

I discovered lots of old baggage in my ldap so i desiced to rebuild new.
exported my ldap to txt files for my users and groups and imported them in ad. 

if you have questions, you can mail me directly in dutch ;-) im from Rdam. 



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>samba 4.x PDC with folder redirection for win7 clients.
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>Hello everybody,
>I maintain this Samba 3.6.6 PDC with ldap backend for 45 Windows 7
>clients, with 92G of data in there profiles because things like itunes
>and other programs keep storing data in the roaming profiles causing
>very long start-up and shut-down times. I would like to switch to
>folder redirection (GPO) but I have not found any information how to
>do this with Samba 3.6.6. Is it possible to do this with Samba 3.6.6.
>and if so how can I do this?
>If this is not possible then I may have to migrate to a Samba 4.x PDC
>but I got a few question about this.
>1. What would be the recommended way to migrate all the accounts?
>2. I assume I can use rsync to migrate all the profiles and other data
>to the new PDC, and after folder redirections is configured use rsync
>to move the data from the profile to a personal share?
>3. Do I need to reauthorise all the current clients again to 
>the new PDC?
>4. I currently got some kind of leak in my idmap ids and I have to
>keep updating to range to a higher value and its now at idmap config *
>: range = 10000-1400000 I don’t want to have this same issue with the
>new Samba 4 PDC if possible.
>Any help, advice, or personal experiences doing this will be 
>Kind regards,
>Jelle de Jong
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