[Samba] Samba DC on CentOS7

Lorenzo Faleschini lorenzo.faleschini at nordestsystems.com
Wed Jul 9 09:11:52 MDT 2014

Hi guys,

Just installed a CentOS 7 minimal to test samba 4.1.x that's onboard 
(until now I always used CentOS 6 + SerNet repo and working like a charm).

But I'm looking to setup a new server and I wanted to use the CentOS 
packages to keep things as standard as possible.

so I ran
yum install samba-dc

and it installed samba-common and the other dependecies.

Where the heck is samba-tool? or the samba binary?
Tried to locate them but no hope, also installed the client packages but 
all i get is smbd binary... how to provision a new domain?

any clues?


Lorenzo Faleschini
IT Manager @ Nord Est Systems srl
m: +39 335 6055225 | skype: falegalizeit

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