[Samba] samba wiki

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Jul 9 05:54:26 MDT 2014

i was reading: 

which stats : 
Don't use BIND9_FLATFILE! It's not documented and supported!  
This is wrong imo.  
bind9_flatefile works fine, it just does not support multi master dns, and bind9_DLZ does. 
so you must setup a master/slave setup for bind9 with flatfile
If you need to run a network with dhcp-failover then this is the only option you can run if you also have multple DC's 
I've tested this and this works perfectly, AD changes are handeld by samba, dns changed by dhcp and bind. 
When i have more "air" at work, i'll post the setup for this. 

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