[Samba] Write permission for local user on a windows mount

Grant Bagdasarian GB at cm.nl
Wed Jul 9 03:17:08 MDT 2014


I have a debian server(7.2) which has a mount to a windows shared directory. The share is configured under a specific user, let's say bobsshare.
I also have a local user on the debian server named alice, but alice cannot write to the mounted directory.

What do I need to do to give alice write permissions on the mounted directory?

smbclient --version
Version 3.6.6

//mywindowsserver/share cifs username=domain/bobsshare,password=123456 0 0

I tried chmod, and chown but that didn't affect anything.
Ls -al still shows:
drwxr-xr-x 0 root root 0 Jul  9 10:29



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