[Samba] Samba 4.1 on FreeBSD Questions

Cesar DiMartino cesardimartino at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 14:22:07 MDT 2014

First things first. Thanks to all samba developers and this great community.

Some background info: I have a Samba 4.1.9 AD domain controller alone at
the moment running on FreeBSD 9.2 with aprox. 50 clients, and a TS. The
clients are mixed, mostly 7 and XP SP2.

Due to a hard drive failure I ended up with a messed up db and a lot of
problems, almost all of them including frequent panics in the Dcserv task I
already managed to correct browsing this list, but have still some left
that have no clue how to fix them and all are (I think) in the Samba

1. It is possible to re-provision an existing domain without having to
rejoin the client machines and move profiles in the clients.?
I already try it using the same domain SID and name with no luck,
recreating users is no big problem, but rejoining 50 machines put me in a
big trouble.

2. In the documentation about  file shares with Windows ACLs says:

To use the advanced features of Samba, it has to be compiled with ACL
> support (e. g. RHEL requires the libacl-devel to be installed, when
> compiling). Also you need a filesystem that supports the "user" and
> "system" xattr namespaces. It also needs to have ACL and XATTR support.

 XFS automatically supports ACLs. If you are using either ext3 or ext4 for
> your file system, you will need to include the options "user_xattr" and
> "acl" in your /etc/fstab entries. Example:
> /dev/sda3     /srv/samba/Demo     ext4      user_xattr,acl      1 1
>  is this necessary on FreeBSD 9.2 ? (I have Samba 4.1.9  running  and I
just found about, may be some problems with permissions have something to
do with)

3. If I run  the dcdiag command on a windows 2008r2 client machine (
Terminal Server). Pointing the Samba server it trows some errors related to
Sysvol, so my question is if this tool (and others from windows) can be
used to diagnose a Samba DC or the errors are just because is a Samba

Thanks in advance.
*César DiMartino*

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