[Samba] Weird behaviour

Giedrius Tuminauskas giedrius.tuminauskas at alva-group.com
Fri Jul 4 07:16:33 MDT 2014


I have "samba4-4.0.0-61.el6_5.rc4" rpm running on Redhat EL6 from RHN 
(Redhat Network). We use PCs and Macs to connect to the file shares on 
the network.
Users are accessing various Microsoft Office files on the server.

A month ago noticed few strange things happening with Samba4:

1. Microsoft Office Files gets corrupted during the saving process (that 
could be Microsoft bug)

2. Default handling of the file locking mechanism when accessing 
MicroSoft Word or Excel files is not working correctly. It usually 
happens when users simultaneously accessing files  from Apple iMacs and 
Microsoft Windows PCs

3. Some files are just randomly dissapearing from the file listing, then 
appear stays for few minutes and dissapear again. it happened to various 
.xlsx and .docx files, sometimes they had some temporary files ( 
*~$*filename.ext or *._*filename.ext or *._~$*filename.ext )

4. If directory's name contains space at the end of the name, it becomes 
not visible on the fileshare

Can anybody help me to the right direction?
The version of samba4 package is the latest stable version in Redhat 
repositories. Upgrading to the latest version (4.1.9) from samba.org 
vebsite and compiling, probably would invalidate system's stability.

Any thoughts are welcome

*Giedrius Tuminauskas*

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