Thamm, Russell russell.thamm at dsto.defence.gov.au
Mon Jul 7 00:46:46 MDT 2014


I have setup a SAMBA 4 box as a DC on a 2003 server standalone domain. I intend to take over as the PDC and retire the 2003 server. I am using internal DNS.

If I modify/add a DNS A entry on the 2003 server, it is propagated to SAMBA 4 very quickly. But the reverse never happens.  Executing samba-dnsupdate --verbose indicates "No DNS updates needed" and shows no errors.

"A note on DNS updates" in the "Join a domain as a DC" seems to imply that this should work but perhaps it only pertains to bind.

So can I configure SAMBA 4 (using internal DNS) to propagate DNS changes to the 2003 server or does this require the use of bind?


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