[Samba] Public shares possible on 4.0 AD DC?

Robert Bailey robertb at australiazoo.com.au
Wed Jul 2 19:53:45 MDT 2014

Hi all,

Our environment is 3 x AD DCs running Samba 4.0.19. I'm trying to 
present a public share from one of these, but the client always asks for 
username/password when I try to connect.

I've got "guest account = nobody" and "map to guest = Bad User" in the 
[global] settings, and "guest ok = Yes" in the [sharename] settings, as 
per most of the guides I've seen online. According to testparm, 
"security = USER" is set by default as well, but I've also tried setting 
it manually, to no avail.

Is there a special trick to make public shares work on Samba 4 AD DCs, 
or is it just not possible because of the domain permission model? Any 
suggestions would be much appreciated.


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