[Samba] Mysterious changes to smb.conf file

Steve Bergman sbergman27 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 20:11:37 MDT 2014


At 06:25AM yesterday morning (which was the time of the log file 
rotation) several of my shares became unavailable. In several places in 
the /etc/samba/smb.conf file, the following lines had been added, 
*outside* of the stanzas defining the shares.

available = no
browsable = no
public = no

I did not add these. smbd also restarted at that time. I'm still 
Googling for answers. But I wanted to ask here ASAP due to security 
considerations. This machine is not Internet-facing, but still I'm 

-Steve Bergman


I take it, then, that no one sees any obvious reason that:

available = no
browsable = no
public = no

should be inserted into several places in my smb.conf file without my 
doing it myself? Does smbd itself ever make changes to the smb.conf 
file? I've never observed it to. But this situation is a bit... odd.


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