[Samba] Problems with folders named the same like the share

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Tue Jul 1 14:43:16 MDT 2014


I saw a behavior on shares, where "msdfs root = yes" is set and wanted
to know if this is a bug or expected. The following I've done on a 4.1.9
member server:

* Create a share:
        path = /srv/samba/
        msdfs root = yes
        browseable = yes

* Create a subfolder "demo" somewhere on the shared directory on Linux
and make sure, that a group you are member off has write access to the

* On Windows create a new file in that folder. -> Works

* Try renaming the file. -> fails (access denied).

* Rename the folder on Linux to something else that the sharename (e. g.

* Try renaming the file again. -> Works

Also I saw that it's not possible to create a folder "demo" (same name
than the sharename) on the share from Windows or rename the folder.

All the above is possible without any problems, if done on a share
without "msdfs root = yes".

Bug or expected?


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