[Samba] (no subject)

Eduardo Ortega Urrego eduardo.ortega at zurich.co
Tue Jul 1 12:51:54 MDT 2014

Hi, All:

I am having trouble joining a samba 3.6.3 joining a samba 4.1.6 domain.
This is what I get:

administrator_local at msp-vl030-vm124:~$ sudo net ads join -U Administrator
Enter Administrator's password:
Using short domain name -- ZCORP
Joined 'MSP-VL030-VM124' to realm 'zcorp.zurich.co'
DNS Update for msp-vl030-vm124.zcorp.zurich.co failed:
DNS update failed!

If I browse the domain using ADUC, I can see the machine account on my
domain under Computers. However, MS DNS tool does not show the A record for
the server, which corroborates the fact that there were DNS issues despite
the fact that the domain was successfully joined. Logs show nothing

Incidentally, when joining windows machines to the domain they too complain
about DNS but the forward zone records are added. Reverse (PTR) records are
not added.

Any hints?


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