[Samba] How to join a Linux machine to a Samba4 domain

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Fri Jan 31 04:16:20 MST 2014

On Fri, 2014-01-31 at 02:24 -0800, Lea Massiot wrote:
> Hello,
> Steve:
> > No. If you want to create a share and serve files from it then it's not a
> > minimum install. 
> > You will have to run smbd. 
> > In this case, I'd install from source exactly as you did for the DC. 
> > But _do not_ provision it as a DC.
> Ok. So indeed, a minimum install is not what I need after all.
> > You are also going to need some sort of id mapping so that you know which
> > users own which files.
> > This may or may not affect the [global] section of your smb.conf.
> This I do not understand.

If you use winbind, you configure it in smb.conf. If you do not, you
don't. It's as simple as that.
> > We now move into an area in which I am no longer allowed to help :(
> This I do not understand either.
There are alternatives to winbind which many of us here prefer. However,
list politics forbid me (maybe others too?) mentioning them. If I do, I
risk being removed from the list.

> What's the use of a domain if there are no shares on the machines both Linux
> an Windows?

Of course you need to have shares and your idea of storing and serving
them from a Samba server is a great idea. But remember that that Samba4
instance willnot be configured in the same way as you provisioned and
configured the DC. That's the whole point of a domain. Both windows and
samba4 domain controllers allow both Linux and windows machines to join
the domain and share resources and files. It is a great idea for each to
be able to serve and share files. 

> I mean, it is a Samba(4) domain, not a pure "Windows" domain.
> Maybe I'm missing a point but this is what actually a domain controller is
> useful for in my company: having shares on the machines accessing them
> securely and freely.

Yes, that's what many of us here do. We have a Samba4 DC and a separate
Samba4 machine to serve the files from the shares you make. It works
well. Summary of terminology we use: Samba4 DC, Samba4 file-server.


> Rowland:
> > Now comes the problem, samba would like you to use the winbind package 
> > to extract the ad info from your AD server, but I struggle to make 
> > this work and use a package that It would seem that we are not allowed to
> > mention. 
> Confusing indeed.
> Best regards.
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