[Samba] How to join a Linux machine to a Samba4 domain

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 30 13:05:02 MST 2014

On 30/01/14 20:00, steve wrote:
> On Thu, 2014-01-30 at 19:39 +0000, Rowland Penny wrote:
>> On 30/01/14 19:14, Lea Massiot wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Steve:
>>> To sum up a bit:
>>> if one wants a "Linux" client (B) to join a "Samba4 AD DC" domain running on
>>> a machine (A) with IP, one should:
>>> 1) Install some packages on (B):
>>> apt-get install krb5-user krb5-config libpam-krb5 auth-client-config
>>> sasl2-bin libsasl2-2 libsasl2-modules libsasl2-modules-gssapi-mit
>>> 2) Edit "/etc/krb5.conf" on (B), put these lines in it:
>>> [libdefaults]
>>>           default_realm = EXAMPLE.COM
>>>           dns_lookup_realm = false
>>>           dns_lookup_kdc = true
>>> 3) Edit "/etc/resolv.conf" on (B)
>>> search example.com
>>> nameserver
>>> What about "samba-client"?
>>> Does it have to be installed? You said "yes" earlier, but I'm not sure
>>> anymore.
>>> Is the "Debian Wheezy" package "samba-client" going to be compatible with
>>> the "Samba4 AD DC" server which wasn't installed from a "Debian" package but
>>> from the sources http://ftp.samba.org/pub/samba/samba-4.1.4.tar.gz?
>> Have you compiled samba-4.1.4 on the client as well as on the server?
>> If not then you need to install samba via apt-get
>>> What is the command that has to be run then to join the domain?
>>> "samba-tool domain join" or "net ads join" or something else?
>> Use net ads join
>>> Rowland:
>>> In the Web page you pointed me to:
>>> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Setup_and_configure_file_shares
>>> I do not understand why they are talking about a "smb.conf" file in the
>>> section "ACL support on member server".
>>> Where does this "smb.conf" file come from?
>> If you compile samba yourself then it will actually be
>> /usr/local/samba/etc/smb.conf and you will have to create it yourself,
>> but if you install samba via apt-get, you will get a sample
>> /etc/samba/smb.conf that you can alter.
>>> In the section "Setup share permissions", I'm reading "Enter the name of
>>> your Samba server, you've create the new share on."
>>> I already know how to create a share on the "Samba4 AD DC" server, what I
>>> don't know is how to create a share on a Linux (Debian Wheezy) client,
>>> member of this domain.
>> It does not matter whether you create a samba share on the server,
>> fileserver or client, it is just done in the same way, add the share to
>> smb.conf, then create the directory as per the instructions on the howto.
> Hi
> The OP said that a minimal install of samba would be fine (just enough
> to have the 'net' command), so I believe he won't/doesn't need to run
> smbd. As I understand it, the file server is elsewhere. All he needs to
> do is join the domain.
> Steve
Hi, well yes,except that I believe the OP is a she, Lea is a woman's 
name LOL


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