[Samba] list membership requirements (WAS: Re: Manage unix users from AD)

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Wed Jan 29 01:48:14 MST 2014

On Wed, 2014-01-29 at 08:37 +0100, L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
> Samba Team, Steve.. , 
> Before you childeren kick one and everybody is leaving.. 
> Which is not good for samba and the community.
> Im thinking, it should not be that Steve or others have to be removed from the list. 
> Steve did help a lot of people with getting there samba4 running, lets not forget that. 
> They helped me, Samba Team helped me.. 
> So im not taking any pro's or cons for Steve OR the samba team, but i need to say this. 
> What steve Wrote: 
> All I can do is reiterate that in all our 8 months of production with Samba4 domain, we have NEVER used winbind.
> .... So great for you, you got it nice working. 
> I dont think we need a contest, its a draw, both work. as simple as that. 
> This complete stupid discussion should not be needed and should not exist at all. 
> So solution...
> Better info on the wiki, and again real life examples ! 
> Just set up de matrix with Pro's and Cons between them en thats it. 
> So in short. 
> A DC is a DC, and JUST a DC. ( with dhcp +dns ), on the DC you DONT install samba-winbind, the dc has samba4-winbind included.
> 	This is a limited version ! see wiki 
> If you somehow really really really need rfc2307 on your DC then. 
> 	1) your network design can be better.
> 	2) sssd can help you, but is NOT supported by the samba team. 
> Yes.....  correct in short..  !!! 
> Everybody agreed? 
> closed disscussion for me.  
> Best regards, 
> Louis

Thank you
In our defence I have been asked to relate not what we do wrong, but
what we do right or wrong. We do try to represent the non technical side
of Samba. We do spend hours and hours trying to help others here. We do
try and give something back to the project. We do sometimes upset the
developers. That's what we do. We think we represent a pov sadly missing
on most open source lists. We're not hobbyists, we're not developers,
we're not programmers. We're simply a group of users who scrape a living
in the real world and as such work against real problems on hardware fit
for the scrap heap. I think it's worthwhile having us around. We think
we can offer something.

On another note, is it understood that for many of us here, English is
not our native language? It is a hell of a struggle for non native
speakers to have to come to terms not only with simple conversational
English but also the technical language used on list. I'm sure that
there are many like I who have the responsibility to have to translate
for a whole team of non English speakers. Please let us not forget the
enormous advantage that us English speakers have over those for whom it
is a constant struggle. 

As an example of what translators are up against, here are some of the
recent on topic queries I just plucked out of my mind that my colleagues
have asked recently:

Is it possible to have any of these confirmed?
1. sssd is not supported by the Samba team
2. Members of the Samba team develop sssd
3. Samba code is used by sssd
4. sssd is an alternative to winbind

Cheers everyone, thank you all for a great community and please don't
throw us out.
Steve, pp all the team at Alicante.

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