[Samba] Manage unix users from AD

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Tue Jan 28 10:57:34 MST 2014

El 28/01/14 17:42, mourik jan heupink ha escrit:
>> Works nice, but that happens on first login time, not on provision time.
>> He was asking for the moment he - the admin - creates the user on AD,
>> can be a month before the new employee effectively start working.
>> Meanwhile he is already receiving mails, ahead of his start, for example.


> Ok, our mailserver (dovecot) checks ldap to verify that a particular
> mailaddress exists, and to what mailbox it should be delivered. Plus
> dovecot creates the mailbox, if it does not yet exist. Meaning mail
> delivery works immediately after we add the user to ldap.

Yes, I could do that, but there are other things the provisioning script
has to do (apart from creating the mailbox and the home directory).

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