[Samba] Manage unix users from AD

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Tue Jan 28 10:51:59 MST 2014

El 28/01/14 16:53, Márcio Merlone ha escrit:
> Em 28-01-2014 12:31, Luca Olivetti escreveu:
>> El 28/01/14 12:22, Márcio Merlone ha escrit:
>>> Consider a network with about 200+ employees, most of them windows user.
>>> Happens that one need to provide other non-windows services like e-mail,
>>> proxy and many others to them, running on other linux servers.
>> A related but tangential question is if is there a way to provision
>> these services when a new user is created from the windows
>> administration tool, i.e., if is there a way for samba to run a script
>> when a new user is created (or modified) from windows.
>> If there isn't, would it be possible to add it as a new feature?
> Are you lazy enough not to go to the shell and issue 'su - newuser' to
> create its home dir? I'd like to be. :)
> Sounds good. What more could be done, are you thinking on something else?

It's not that, I want to delegate user administration. Currently
(samba3+ldap) I'm doing it with (an old version of) ldap account
manager, but I think it would be better if that could be done using
windows tools (as well as with command line tools to be used by me).

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