[Samba] Can't get permission on a share to work problem with groups

Horace mailinglist at lhplan.tk
Fri Jan 24 14:05:06 MST 2014


1. I have created a directory /srv/samba4/Public Applications.
2. I created a group 'Domain Admins' with gid 1003
3. I setfacl -m group:1003:rwx on Public Applications
4. I created a share
[Public Applications]
	read list = @ACCOUNTSAD\"Domain Users"
	write list = @"Domain Admins"
	comment = Public Applications
	path = /srv/samba4/Public Applications
	#admin users = @"Domain Admins"
5. wbinfo --group-info 'Domain Admins'
ACCOUNTSAD\Domain Admins:*:1003:

Debug level
# Debug logging information
#log level = 10
log level = 3
#log file = /var/log/samba.log.%m
#max log size = 50
debug timestamp = yes
syslog only = yes

As anyone can see, I like Domain Admins read write access and Domain 
Users read access only. For whatever reason, when I access the share 
\\PDC-S2\Public Applications and try to create a folder, I get 
Permission denied.

I have tailed both syslog's and log.smbd and there is NO relevant 
information regarding why this is failing.

Am I doing something wrong here ?

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