[Samba] windows domain clients: changing primary dns suffix

Thoralf Schulze tschulze at deutsche-kinemathek.de
Fri Jan 24 11:44:03 MST 2014

hi there,

i realize that this is probably the wrong place to ask - the question is
rather ad-centric and not specifically related to samba, but maybe
someone else stumbled upon this already and can provide a quick answer.

having that out of the way, here is the question: when joining
windows7-clients from a subnet $subnet.company.com to an ad dc-domain
ad.company.com with a samba4 addc samba.ad.kinemathek.de, the clients
change their primary dns suffix from $subnet.company.com to
ad.company.com . both $hostname.$subnet.company.com and
$hostname.ad.company.com resolve to the client's ip address afterwards,
but the reverse lookup for this ip address yields
$hostname.$subnet.company.com as expected and desired.

are there any possible side effects of this dns setup for samba itself
or an ad domain in general? i realize that samba in an out-of-the-box
setup doesn't do much in terms of reverse dns lookups, but wanted to ask
to make sure that we are on the right track here.

while researching this issue, i came across
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/240942 , which suggests that there might
be problems. however, when i tried to implement the fixes suggested
there, all kinds of hell broke loose.

$subnet.company.com still appears in the client's dns suffix search list
and as a connection specific dns suffix, the client is resolvable and
pingable from other clients and the samba server using both
$hostname.{$subnet,ad}.company.com .

thank you very much,
thoralf schulze
deutsche kinemathek - museum für film und fernsehen
linux-administration / helpdesk
tschulze at deutsche-kinemathek.de / 030 - 300 903-531

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