[Samba] sssd / classicupgrade / computer accounts

mourik jan heupink heupink at merit.unu.edu
Thu Jan 23 02:32:08 MST 2014

Hi Steve, list,

> The only way I know is to remove:
> objectClass: posixAccount
> from your machine objects.
> As it shouldn't be there in the first place I'd advise removing it now.
> Steve
Right, and then configure sssd to look for posixAccounts.

But if you say that the posixAccount should not be there 'in the first 
place', is this then a bug in the classicupgrade..?

Searching the net for sample AD ldif's, I can see that computer accounts 
generally do not have the posixAccount objectClass. I'll try extending 
my php script to remove it.

I feel that there is quite a bit of room for improvement in the 
classicupgrade procedure. Unfortunately I'm no programmer, so can't add 
anything to classicupgrade, but I'll post my php script here, so others 
can perhaps benefit from it.

Regards and thanks,

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