[Samba] Generating keytabs for other hosts

Damien Dye damien.dye at sondrel.com
Tue Jan 21 05:43:38 MST 2014

Hi guys

am looking for some guidance on how I can generate some keytab files from a
samba 4 DC

I been following a tutorial that states some bits on the windows side such
as creating an spn

C:\Users\Administrator>setspn -A host/test.sondrel.com at SONDREL.COM Test
Registering ServicePrincipalNames for CN=Test,OU=Machines,DC=sondrel,DC=com
        host/envy.sondrel.com at SONDREL.COM
Updated object

but there is no ktpass on windows 7 so  I tried the ktpass.sh script that I
found reference to on the mailing list and I get this

 ./ktpass.sh --out envy.keytab --princ
host/test.sondrel.com at SONDREL.COM--host envy --pass * --enc rc4-hmac
Unable to find kvno for principal host/test.sondrel.com at SONDREL.COM
 check that you are authentified with kerberos

I have an active tgt on the DC.

whats the correct procedure to creating spn and keytabs purely form the
samba 4 DC as I can't see any detailed guidance on the wiki.

hope somebody will be able to enlighten me.



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