[Samba] Groups and ldap

Fredrik Gustafsson iveqy at iveqy.com
Mon Jan 20 01:25:59 MST 2014

I've a working samba configuration with shares mapped to groups with
"valid users = @smbusers". It all works fine with tdbsam as a backend.
Now I've switched to ldapsam as a backend. I've a working openldap
server that my windows machines authenticate to. Each user is also a
linux-user but linux does not use ldap but /etc/passwd.

However the groups in does not work and I can't access the shares with
"valid users = @smbusers". I've also tried to have "valid users =
@HOSTNAME/smbusers" without success.

How is the correct way to specify a ldap group to authenticate to?
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