[Samba] Moving server to new box

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Sun Jan 19 12:20:28 MST 2014


Am 17.01.2014 21:19, schrieb jimc:
> I wish to move my Samba 4 server to a new box. Since the old one is pata
> and the new one is sata, I cannot simply swap disks.
> What is the best way to transfer my server without loosing configuration
> files?

What kind of Samba 4 installation do you have? An AD or an NT4-style 
Domain? And is your server a member or a DC/PDC?

But if you configure the hostname and IP on the new machine the same 
than on the old one, you simply have to move /usr/local/samba/ (or the 
other places, where you have configured Samba to be located in) to the 
new machine. I the architecture x86/x64/... does not change, this should 
work. Otherwise I guess you have to recompile and install the 
binaries/libraries/... over your existing installation. The database 
files are, as far as I know, platform indepentend.


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