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steve steve at steve-ss.com
Thu Jan 16 11:19:14 MST 2014

On Thu, 2014-01-16 at 16:07 -0200, Márcio Merlone wrote:
> Em 16-01-2014 15:57, Rowland Penny escreveu:
> > If you are using the winbind ad backend,
> Sorry not to mention before, I am using SSSD since I need more than 
> uid/gid winbind can provide.
> > it should pull the unix home directory from the very aptly named 
> > 'unixhomedirectory' attribute, provided that you have set it of course.
> Did not navigate the LDAP tree yet, but have set unix attributes for the 
> user at dsa.msc snap-in. Not sure if this gets into this attribute though.

You can have any unixHomeDirectory you like, but if you are not sure if
your users have it then it is impossible for us to guess whether. . . 
> > If you run  'getent passwd username' you should get something like this:
> > username:*:10000:100:username:/home/username:/bin/bash
> I get it. :)
_Does_ getent passwd give you the unixHomeDirectory which you think you
have set in dsa.msc?

If not then sssd.conf would help us too.

Can you post the DN of a typical user? Then we'd know for certain.
ldbsearch --url=$SAMBAHOME/private/sam.ldb cn=marcio


> > With this, (and pam_mkhomedir in common-session) when a user logs into 
> > a linux machine, their home directory is created for them at 
> > /home/username.
> In fact, I sent another message to the list regarding this. When logging 
> in from a windows machine, the user home is created, but not honoring 
> /etc/skel as if the user logged from ssh, for example.
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