[Samba] Samba3 to Samba4 progressive migration

Diego Woitasen diego at woitasen.com.ar
Thu Jan 16 04:46:36 MST 2014

  I have to migrate a company from Samba3+LDAP to Samba4. This company
has different locations (around 10), all of them have the same LDAP
tree replicated with its Samba server running as PDC. The
user/group/passwd part of the migration is solved, but I have to deal
with machine account yet. My plan is the following:

First, install the Samba DC in the central location, run the classicupgrade.

Then, on each location, install the SambaDC, join to the central DC
and sync the machine accounts passwords. I need to sync machine
passwds because I'm going to migrate one location per week, so the
passwords sync'ed in the classicupgrade will outdated by the time a
new building is migrated.

I was thinking about inyecting the machine password from the old LDAP
to Samba4, but I haven't found how to do it yet. Can I inyect the
password using LDAP in Samba4? Or using Python passdb module is
better? Ideas?



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