[Samba] classicupgrade error: User 'Administrator' does not have SID ending in 500

Michael Brown michael at netdirect.ca
Tue Jan 14 12:37:07 MST 2014

Oh Boy.

User 'Administrator' in your existing directory has SID 
S-1-5-21-2070472328-935435760-1634736958-1000, expected it to be 
ERROR(<class 'samba.provision.ProvisioningError'>): uncaught exception - 
ProvisioningError: User 'Administrator' in your existing directory does 
not have SID ending in -500

It's not all that suprising that there's cleanups to do with this this 
old, old Samba3 domain with an openLDAP backend, created... many years ago.

very old. much cruft. so trouble!

But this one worries me - what should I do about this?

I'm inclined to create an account 'Old Administrator', give him the 
'-1000' SID and change the existing Administrator account to '-500'.

Does this seem like a sensible approach to take?

Any suggestions?


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