[Samba] Samba 3 to Samba 4

Shem Pasamba shemgp at aiias.edu
Mon Jan 13 23:26:37 MST 2014

On 1/13/2014 8:27 PM, steve wrote:
> Hi
> Is that an AD domain? If so, I don't think you're joined. Are you?
> Cheers,
> Steve
I don't think it's an AD domain. I join it using net rpc join -U 
administrator.  When I call net rpc info -U administrator I get this.
Domain Name: AIIAS.SAMBA4
Domain SID: S-1-5-21-1561504513-109945161-3719160045
Sequence number: 1
Num users: 15
Num domain groups: 18
Num local groups: 26


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