[Samba] If people want, this is how: samba 4.1.3 and sssd 1.11.3 for debian wheezy

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Mon Jan 13 06:02:03 MST 2014

On Mon, 2014-01-13 at 09:04 +0100, L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
> Peter, 
> sernet AND sssd 1.11.3 does not work, at least not on wheezy and ubuntu. 
> And this isn't much hassle to make it work.
> I prefer the adviced version of sssd, Steve and Rowland, on the list have 
> good expericance with it, they can tell you exacly why you need to have 1.11.3 

Anything after sssd v 1.10.x has the AD backend. It understands AD
better than the versions before it and it uses a lot of Samba4
libraries. It is under rapid development and if you have a problem with
it, no matter how slight, the devs will normally address it the same
day, even if it's a stupid typo or config error. That's why I (we?) like

I don't think any distro has Samba4 AD packaged satisfactorily and so
for that reason I (we?) recommend that just for the moment, you build a
Samba4 AD from source. That way, you will get help here as there are far
more users using source installations than distro installations. Many of
us do not have the time to wait for the distros to catch up with
production level security. This is not to say that the distros are not
doing a superb job: it can't be easy keeping pace with projects such as
samba and sssd.

I cannot help with sernet but here are the combinations I have tested.

openSUSE 13.1
Samba 4.1.3 AD and sssd 1.11.3 ad backend both from source
Samba 4.1.3 file server and sssd 1.11.1 ad backend both from source
Samba 4.1 file server and sssd 1.9.5  ldap backend rpm's

Ubuntu 13.10
Samba 4.1.2 AD and sssd 1.11.1 source build and ubuntu package (the one
you use apt-get to install-what do you call an rpm on Ubuntu?)


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