[Samba] Mounting share from different server

Francesc Guasch frankie at telecos.upc.edu
Fri Jan 10 02:00:07 MST 2014

Hi. I am looking for directions about how to
address this or what to look for in the documentation.

I need to make easy for my users to mount a share from
a different server than the PDC. So far I found about
BDC settings but it is not what I want.

The scenario is that there are many users and I want
to balance the load with two file servers. So some users
mount their homes from server1, and others from server2.

All login in the same Domain and mount common shares
from server1, but their main data could be in server2.

The users are not always in the same workstation, so
saving the connection information in Windows is not
an option. Also we have a network rearchitecture and
improvement planned in the long term.

The backend users database is LDAP. Currently this is
an idea we are considering so any hint about where to
start would really be appreciated.

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