[Samba] pam_winbind fails to authenticate domain users on my debian wheezy domain member servers

mourik jan heupink heupink at merit.unu.edu
Thu Jan 9 06:05:53 MST 2014

Hi Rowland, list,

> Yes, but you will have to be brave, stop using debian and the sernet
> packages, download the latest Ubuntu 14.04 iso and then install samba4 &
> sssd, this will work perfectly as a client.

But I'm actually thinking about my AD controller, where I would like to 
make my AD samba4 users available as linux users as well. (as we use 
regular linux groups/users for access permissions)

So, when using self-compiled samba4 (as I often see recommended here) I 
should be fine with wheezy/stock sssd, right..?


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