[Samba] Samba4 doesn't respect 'mask' ACL

Robin McCorkell rmccorkell at karoshi.org.uk
Fri Feb 28 03:16:59 MST 2014


I have discovered a bug when using CIFS mounted shares from Samba4 on a
Linux machine. We use custom ACLs to allow certain groups extra access to
home shares, setting 'user:staff:r-x' using setfacl, along with the related
'default' ACL so that it propagates to newly created directories. For this
to work, we also set 'mask::rwx'. These shares have group and other
permissions completely restricted, seen by the getfacl command as

When such a share is mounted on a Linux client running Samba3, the ACLs can
be seen due to UNIX extensions and are correct. The issue is however that
members of the same group that owns the file (which should have no access)
is given the same access as the 'mask' ACL, allowing them to read, write,
delete and execute the file. Replicating this same test in /tmp on the
Linux machine yields the correct results - a member of the same group only
gets the permissions defined in the 'group' ACL.

I'm not sure if this is a problem with Samba4 on the server or Samba3 on
the client, or a problem with our configuration, but this isn't the
expected behaviour of extended ACLs. We use Samba4 version 4.1.5 and Samba3
client version 3.6.3. Both the server and client are running Ubuntu 12.04

Robin McCorkell
Karoshi Client maintainer, The Linux Schools Project


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