[Samba] SAMBA4 - Domain Trust lost and not recreate

Chris Fischer chris_f at gmx.net
Thu Feb 27 16:10:53 MST 2014

Thanks both for your answers and ideas,

as the PC name has not been changed, it might be another issue.
Using the ldbsearch I found the entry for the trust under CN=Users and 
manually deleted it. When i was able to initialize the trust again.
Why the entry was not deleted, when i deleted the trust using the MS 
tools is another question.

An interesting fact could be, that after 60 days the trust was broken. 
Maybe there is a problem with changing the trusts password, if there is 
such a mechanism for that.


Am 27.02.2014 08:44, schrieb Raymond:
> I had this trust relationships failed on samba 3 when you change the PC
> name.... hoping it is not back with samba 4 :-(
> Ray
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> Hi Folks,
> my S4 AD works well since the end of december. (Thanks to Christmas) I also
> managed to create the incoming trust to an Windows 2008 Srv domain. Now the
> trust is broken. I tried the old reboot trick and so on.
> My last (stupid) idea was to delete the trust on both sides and recreate it
> using the management tools from Microsoft. But the creation fails on the
> samba4 site, complaining about an still existing trust to the destination
> domain.
> Where is the domain trust stored and therefore, how can i manually delete
> it?
> Thank in advance
> Chris
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