[Samba] renaming default first site or moving a server to a different site problem

Olivier Weinstoerffer olivier.weinstoerffer at adhoc-international.com
Thu Feb 27 14:43:12 MST 2014

Hi Denis,

Creating sites works fine. Moving a DC to the site don't work. I didn't
find any option in samba-tool to move the dc to another site.
Should I try to do a demote and than a join?

Le 27 févr. 2014 18:51, "Denis Cardon" <denis.cardon at tranquil-it-systems.fr>
a écrit :

> Hi Olivier,
>  We have different locations at our company and I'm trying to separate them
>> into different sites. I'm using the "Active Directory Sites and Services"
>> tool but when I try to rename the default-first-site, the tools goes in
>> not
>> responding state.
>> I also tried to create a new site. This works but when I try to move a
>> server to the site, it freezes again.
>> Are such features supported? Is there another way to do it?
> Creating sites and subnets in "Active Directory Sites and Services" mmc
> does work, at least with the Windows server 2003 administration tools pack
> (didn't tried that specific task in RSAT).
> I did this kind of setup a few times with different version of samba4.0
> and samba4.1 series. However I don't think I ever tried to rename the
> default-first-site though.
> Can you try to create the sites through samba-tool to see if you get the
> same issue?
> Cheers,
> Denis
>> thanks in advance
>> Olivier
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