[Samba] Minimal configuration for Name Service

Thiago Crepaldi thiago at thiagocrepaldi.com
Wed Feb 26 08:16:08 MST 2014


In my company we have a new requirement that say when our device has disks,
it should run smbd and nmbd to serve files and name services (as it always
has been done). However, when all disks are removed, we still need nmbd to
answer its own netbios name - any other name resolution is completely
optional, though.

My question is, regardless or security mode (workgroup/AD), what would be
the minimal smb.conf configuration to provide its own name resolution and
completely turn off file/authentication services ? Is it advisable ? Is
there any security issue that needs to be addressed ?

I've considered all sections but [GLOBALS] as superfluous in this scenario,
so my final smb.conf is:

 name resolve order = hosts
wins support = no
wins proxy = no
 dns proxy = no

It seems to work fine (http://<mynetbiosname> redirected to our device
page), but an "official" confirmation would make me less nervous about this
really odd use case.


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